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Let’s shut down iPhonesia



artwork by @adityokarno

by Aries Lukman, Founder.

I have this thoughts not too long ago. How long must I dedicate my life and sacrifice people who love me, for the sake of passion. It’s been extremely tough year indeed. Signs of relief still seems so far away.

Then I started thinking, is it a coincidence that we decided to put the official birth date of iPhonesia community in 12th of January and so it happened I also must hear the message in church since the beginning of this year that talked about never loose the spirit and how to build? Which eventually giving me hope again during this dark moment and it felt like each time I’m about to hit the ground, the spirit lift me up again. Maybe right now, I still can’t walk up straight, but at least I’m walking on my own two feet, slowly, trying to keep moving.

I believe that there’s no coincidence. Everything that happened in my life is carefully crafted for the purpose that God had given me.

Do you know how devil works in your life? Just through a small opening, a simple thought of despair. Without you realize it, he will whisper to you all the hopelessness in your future. Then the blue sky in your world will suddenly cover with dark clouds with no signs of clarity. When it happened to me, then I’d blame everything. Surely, iPhonesia also be the target of my disappointment. If only I never decided to dedicate 5 years of my life to this community, maybe I won’t be in this mess in the first place.

I forgot to be grateful… I blame myself repeatedly.

As I’m writing this, notification from path and instagram kept coming in. Congratulating us for the 5th year of existence. I’m also screen capturing all the 5 years anniversary greetings to iPhonesia. A simple words from friends who encourage me that it’s not for nothing. I’ve accomplished something. The community accomplished something. It had became a beginning of a lot of new friendships for a lot of people.

I know that we existed not only for that reason. We are all gather in one community that have the ability to create art. To me, ART is a media of communication and expressions. How many of you here could tell people’s state of emotion by seeing what they share in social media? How many of you could expressed your emotion and perception through the photos that you posted? How many of you think that you’re not an artist or photographers? Through iPhonesia, we’ve become a photographers, we’ve become an artist. We learned to understand another means of expressions. And by communicating through our photos, we’ve found people with same interest which leads to connections, which leads to friendship. I guess, that’s one of the main reason why we existed.

I need people, I can’t do this alone. I’m blessed with the brilliant people who supported iPhonesia. I need more. We are not a group of professional photographers, I guess that’s make us unique and powerful. We are from all walks of life. Heck, I met with the former First Lady because of iPhonesia member. All we need is just to come out with ideas then I believe we could make it happen.

This is our mission: To build generations of inspiring mobile photographers. That would influence the world through images, stories, and life of the members.

I’m gonna stick with it for a little longer now. Work harder to improve us internally and develop things that would build generations! We’ll see how this year will treat us. It’s time to clean up the mess and build a strong foundation for us to placed that pillars.

Who’s with me?


  1. wrote on January 22nd, 2016 at 4:11 am


    wow.. what a journey !!

    sampe saat ini, saya pribadi masih merasa bahwa iPhonesia ini unik dan sangat banyak menginspirasi saya dalam menekuni hobby fotografi khususnya untuk fotografi menggunakan kamera HP. Dari yang asal jepret, trus jadi bisa menghasilkan karya yang bisa bikin banyak orang seneng (walopun banyaknya baru dari lingkungan terdekat, dari temen2 saya sendiri aja sih hehehe)…
    Dari yang tadinya cuma jepret suatu gambar yg kosong sampe akhirnya bisa bikin gambar yang bercerita, dari yang komposisinya asal2an sampe bisa bikin yg lebih lumayan enak dilihat itu semua saya dapet dari hasil mengamati, membaca postingan dan juga hasil tukar pikiran dengan teman2 di iPhonesia.

    Well, dalam perjalanannya kadang emang saya suka kurang fokus karena satu dan lain hal, hehehe….

    Soooo, please don’t stop dan mari saling bersinergi mewujudkan impian awal terbentuknya iPhonesia.

    Happy 5th Anniversary iPhonesia, Love you to the moon and back …

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